Youth Lessons

What's Your Exit Strategy?

As you make your journey through life, have, it is easy to get caught up in the "hear and now."  But are you prepared to depart this life?  In this lesson, David Banning reminds us about the need to be prepared to meet our God in judgement.

Letters From Death Row

Ricky Blackmon was a preacher's son.  He had godly parents and grew up hearing the gospel preached.  How did he wind up on death row?  In this lesson, David Banning reflects back on his time spent with Ricky and warns against the one vital mistake Ricky made that started him down the wrong road.

Dealing With Dought

Serving God is a life-long commitment.  In this lesson, David Banning shows that as we get older and our responsibilities increase, our relationship with God is always the number one drive force of our life.

Dealing With Disappointment

Life has a tendency to remind us that we are not immune to hardship and disappointment.  Sometimes we are left with questions and what seems no answers.  In this lesson, David Banning gives us 7 things to consider when disappointment comes our way.

Serving God At Every Season of Life

Serving God is a life-long commitment.  In this lesson, David Banning shows that as we get older and our responsibilities increase, our relationship with God is always the number one drive force of our life.

What Your Believe Is Not Dumb

There is a non-stop effort in society to discredit the bible.  Young people face a lot of pressure to abandon the principles of the bible and move forwards the secular.  In this lesson, David Banning reminds us that what we believe is the truth and that we can have absolute confidence in that truth.

Taking The Wrong Cue

Would it surprise you to know that many of our young people take their cue to worship God from those who know nothing about God?  Teens, as well as all Christians, face this danger and if we are not careful, we can take our cue from the wrong sources and wind up doing things that displease God.  We are trying to serve God in a world filled with all kinds of ideas about how we ought to worship.  In this lesson, David Banning teaches principles that will help us to make sure we are worshiping God in the way He wants.

God On Abstinence

Our society has many view points on the value of abstinence.  Studies show that it works better in public schools than Sex Ed, yet many still object to it.  However, disciples of Christ do not set their moral compass based on what the survey says.  Teenagers need to learn to measure right and wrong by what God has stated in His word.  In this lesson, David Banning answers the only question that anyone should ask:  What does God say about abstinence?

What Should I Wear?

An old preacher once said, "From the moment we become a Christian, we never make another decision alone.  God gets a say in everything we do."  That's absolutely right.  With that principle in mind, David Banning answers the question of when it comes to the way I dress, does God get a say?  If so, what does He say?  No matter what our world does, God's expectations have not changed.  We will be accountable to what His word says about what we wear.


Where Kids Say They Struggle

Have you every wondered about battles your kids are currently fighting at school?  In this lesson, David Banning shares the results of an activity he conducted with teenagers in which they were asked to right down the answer to the following question:  "If you miss heaven, what will the reason be?  What is the one thing in your life you struggle with the most that could keep you out of heaven?"  This lesson identifies those struggles and teaches parents how to protect them from the tragic consequences of sin.

Living Beyond Your Parents

Would it surprise you to hear someone say don't do exactly what your parents did?  This lesson is not trying to contradict what the Bible says, but rather make the point that there will be times when it will not be enough to simply follow in their footsteps.  David Banning illustrates 3 situations where you will have to do just that if you are to be the disciple God's word calls you to be.

Discount Discipleship

We sometimes look for the cheap and easy way out.  We often get what we pay for.  But when people start searching for some easier way to follow Jesus, the consequences can be eternally serious.  David Banning teaches the radical things Jesus requires of authentic discipleship - not some cheapened version of service, but rather the real thing.

5 Commandments From Moses To Parents

In Deuteronomy 6, Moses was saying goodbye to the people he loved.  Deuteronomy is his farewell address to the nation.  Judging by his words, he was concerned about the kids.  Parents have an awesome duty to bring up their kids to know and serve the Lord.  David Banning shares the simple council the Holy Spirit offers through Moses to parents that can never be improved upon.

Figuring Out My Mom and Dad

Ricky Blackmon was a death row inmate that David Banning worked with many years ago.  Ricky grew up knowing God's will, but chose to reject it.  He made a series of terrible decisions about friends, drugs, and lifestyle that ultimately brought him to death row.  Something that frustrated him after it was too late was the lack of value he showed his parents in his adolescent years.  David Banning uses this example to answer 3 Bible questions about the relationship between young people and their parents.


Why Aren't My Kids More Interested In Spiritual Things?

Have you ever asked the question above?  It's never a question asked about a toddler, but rather a teenager who may be caught up in high school social life and activities.  The one thing that always seems to be missing is the Lord - even on Sundays.  What will happen when the teenager moves off to college and becomes a young adult?  Will they leave the Lord all together?  David Banning challenges parents to do the right things along the way of raising kids so the question above is one that never has to be asked.


What Someone Ought To Say About Facebook

In Titus 2:11-15, the Holy Spirit through Paul tells us that there is a way that Christians ought to live their lives.  David Banning uses this passage to teach how a disciple should behave on Facebook.  Facebook can be used for good works, however many have corrupted it as well.  We need to remember that no part of our life goes untouched by the will of God, even social media activity.


Some Things You Will Hear About Instrumental Music

If you visit any church in the Lubbock area, one of the things you will notice right away that is different from what we do at Kings Ridge, is some kind of musical instrument played in the singing.  When friends visit Kings Ridge, it may seem odd that we do not have musical instruments.  David Banning shares the kind of things people say about this issue that are not true, while at the same time teaching the real reason we do not use musical instruments.


Proverbs That Will Help You Every Day

Sometimes we struggle with things because we just don't see the point.  Perhaps you have felt that way about a math class?  Maybe you have wondered how you will use this in real life.  How is this relevant to me?  Tragically, some people see the Bible this way.  They just don't see the point.  In this lesson, David Banning shows how the Bible changes our life, how it is relevant and make our lives better.