Top Ten Bible Questions

#10  Does It Really Matter Which Church I Attend?

In cities around America, you find different churches practicing and teaching different things.  To most people, one church is as good as another - just pick one you like.  But does it matter to God where we choose to worship?  Max Dawson answers this vital question in this lesson and explains just what is at stake.

#9  What Must I Do To Be Saved?

What question could be more important?  Our souls hang in the balance of getting this one question right.  If there was one question the religious world ought to agree on, it should be this question.   Yet, there is probably more ideas and different conflicting teachings on this matter than any other.  In this lesson, Benjamin Lee explains exactly what God commands us to do to have our sins washed away.

#8  What Cant I Do What Really Want To Do?

"I Think."  We start a lot of sentences with those two words.  Americans have opinions about everything.  Americans don't like to be tied down by rules.  But what about when what we think runs contrary to what God thinks?  In this lesson, David Banning explains why we have to live by God's rules rather than just living any way we want. 


#7  Can I Really Know Who Jesus Is?

In this lesson, Max Dawson reveals a case from the bible that confirms the identity of Christ.  Many people wonder if we can know who Jesus really was and this question is important because our hope rest on the fact that Jesus was who He said He was.

#6  Can We Know How The World Began?

We do not spend most of our time pondering the profound questions of life, but rather the trivial.  Sometimes though, in those private moments, we find ourselves thinking about deep matters such as our origin.  David Banning reveals the implications that come with understanding what the bible says about how the world began.

#5  Is There Really A Heaven and Hell?

If you were to ask people if they believed in the existence of heaven or hell, what kind of answers do you think you would get?  You would probably get a wide range of answers, which begs the question:  who is right?  In this lesson, Max Dawson explains what Jesus taught on this matter, as He is the way, the truth, and the life.

#4  Why Do People Suffer?

It seems every day, the headlines detail some tragedy.  They catalog the epidemic of suffering that is all around, reaching every part of the world and touching every life.  No one is beyond its reach.  It is a perplexing problem that leaves in its wake tormented souls all asking the same question...Why?  David Banning answers that question in this lesson.

#3  Is The Bible Really The Word of God?

This is a critical question, one we better get right!  If the bible is the Word of God and we don't get the question above right, we'll be in trouble on judgement day.  On the other hand, we bother if it is not from God?  Either it is or it is not.  Max Dawson answers this critical question in this lesson.  


#2  Can I Know Who God Really Is?

If you were asked who God really is, do you know what you would say?  For many, it is a difficult question, not because there is no answer; it just happens to be a very big answer.  There is a way that works though and in this lesson Max Dawson identifies 10 attributes of God and what each of those attributes mean to us.


#1  Can We Know When The Word Will End?

For centuries, people have claimed to know the exact date of Jesus' second coming.  Date setters all have one thing in common - they fail.  But why do they all fail?  Why is it that everyone who tries to predict the end can't seem to come up with the right date?  David Banning answers that question in this lesson.