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Marital Success

arriages begin with happiness, flowers, and rings surrounded by family and friends.  Couples begin with optimism for the life ahead of them.  Yet despite this, half of all marriages in America end in the courtroom with lawyers, bitterness, and pain.  How does this happen?  These lessons expose myths used by Satan to rip marriages apart. They teach us what the bible says about the sacrifices that make marriage work.  God wants marriage  succeed.

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Evolution: The Assault On Our Faith

hile it is certainly true that our faith is attacked in many ways, evolution strikes at the very heart of what we believe.  It is an attempt to whittle away at the foundation upon which everything we believe is built.  This special set of lessons examines the flaws and weaknesses of Darwin's theory and reveals solid evidence evolution can not explain - evidence that points to a grand designer.

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7 Questions About Homosexuality

omosexuality has become a major issue in America today.  It is a movement that is spreading faster than ever and with it, many questions, feelings, and opinions.  However, the one and only question that really matters is what does the Bible say about this issue?  If so, what does God say about it?  Max Dawson and Benjamin Lee answer 7 questions commonly asked about the issue of homosexuality with Bible answers in this episode of "By The Book." 


Homosexuality: Truth Without Hate

 popular philosophy spoken in our society today says that because Christians don't approve of the practice of homosexuality, they are guilty of hate.  Is this true, or could there be a deeper, more profound reason Christians believe this behavior is wrong?  In this lesson, Thaxter Dickey delivers an honest discussion on what the Bible really says about homosexuality.