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An Introduction to Revelation

01 July 2018

“Older people can remember with nostalgia their childhood homes in which there was often a special room of mystery. It may have been the parlor or possibly the bedroom of a deceased one. In the parlor, there would be special chairs and a sofa of horsehair covering, a phonograph to be played on particular occasions, pictures of an older generation looking down sternly upon the new generation, a family Bible seldom used except to record births, weddings, and deaths, and a stereoscope which could bring before the viewer’s eyes scenes of faraway places.


It is regrettable that in this age of scientific research man desires to uncover all the secrets of the material universe and has largely lost his sense of awe in the presence of the mysterious. No longer do we look at the clouds and, in fancy, see images in their contours, or see ourselves playing upon them and exploring the canyons between. No longer can we close our eyes and, in imagination, visit the great ice lands of the arctic, imagining ourselves there; or visit the deep woods of the North, chatting with the strong, mysterious inhabitants. Largely, we have lost our love and appreciation for mystery and the mysterious.


In the Bible, God’s great temple of spiritual truth, there is one special room filled with mysteries and wonders that fire the imagination to celestial heights and leave us amazed at the grandeur of its portrayal of the spiritual. That room is designated as The Revelation. Man may fathom many of the mysteries of the physical world, coming to an almost complete understanding of them, at least to the point that he loses his sense of awe in their presence. But in contrast, although we can grasp something of Revelation’s meaning and use for us, we never cease to stand in amazement and wonder at its mysteries which continue to challenge us.”

Homer Hailey

(Revelation: An Introduction and Commentary)


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