Kings Ridge Reminder

Thank You Teachers!

We had a very successful Vacation Bible School this year and I want to say “Thank you!” to our teachers and their helpers who we constantly saw in the workroom or in their classrooms preparing for this special series of lessons. Many weekends and evenings were spent working to get things ready. And this can be said for all of our Bible class teachers who instruct throughout the year.


“Thank you!” for sacrificing your time preparing these lessons that contributed to developing the spiritual foundation for young minds. We know that your schedules and “to do” lists are just as full as everyone else’s. The fruit of your labors will be seen in a coming generation of young boys and girls who will know their Bibles -- not just the names of the books, but the content and theme of the Book.


“Thank you!” to our Junior High and High School students who were willing to help out. You may not realize how valuable your example is to the young eyes that watch you. You showed the younger kids how important this effort was. “Thank you” for helping our kids to see the awesome, creative power of God.


I think I speak for all of us as we say “Thank you!” for not just being teachers but, more importantly, for practicing the message you teach. “Thank you!” for caring, for trying to do it better, for succeeding, and for helping our young people to hunger and thirst for righteousness.



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