Daily Bible Reading

Week 8 — Genesis 44 thru 46, Exodus 1 and 2 (Feb 18-24)

Joseph’s story wraps up successfully in chapters 44-45. Note his faith in 44:5-9. In chapter 46 the family of promise moves to Egypt, but not without God’s special permission (v. 4). Genesis closes with the family settling in and Jacob blessing Joseph’s children as well as his own. The book concludes with a strong state-ment by Joseph. The family of promise doesn’t belong in Egypt and some day must return to the Promised Land (50:24). Exodus 1 starts the next chapter of God’s story. One of the key ideas in the chapter is the multiplication of Israel’s population (note verses 7, 10, 12, 20). The promise to Abraham to make his descendants a great nation is coming to pass! Yet, in the 400 years that have passed, God’s people have be-come ruthlessly enslaved. How will they get back to where they be-long? Exodus 2 begins answering that question with the birth of Moses. 

As we try to understand the “big picture” and especially the hope God offers, remember the Bible is the story of God’s plan of salvation. From Genesis 50 to Exodus 1 more than 400 years of history elapses, yet the Scriptures say virtually nothing about it. Why is God silent? Certainly this period contains historical events involving interesting people! The Bible doesn’t talk about those years because it doesn’t advance the story of redemption. The Bible isn’t a storybook about random happenings. It is the inspired history of God fulfilling His promise to bring the Messiah and salvation to the world. Remember the promise made in Gen. 3:15 of One who would someday come to destroy the power of Satan. That is the theme of the entire Bible! Jesus is coming!

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