Daily Bible Reading

Week 3 — Genesis 13 thru 17 (Jan 14-20) 

While Lot becomes a key figure in our reading, the focus must remain on the promises made to Abraham. God keeps his promises of protecting and caring for Abraham in Genesis 13 and 14. God restates and reaffirms the promises in Genesis 15, empha-sizing their significance. Abraham makes another mistake in Genesis 16, but we find God still working with him in the following chapter. 

Don’t get distracted by speculating about Melchizedek. We will learn more about him in Hebrews. The main theme of this sec-tion has to do with the faithfulness of God and Abraham. God repeats the promises which will shape the remaining events of the Old Testament. As we read, we will see these promises fulfilled. Make sure your family understands this is the “map” for the rest of the Old Testament. 

Week 4 — Genesis 18 thru 22 (Jan 21-27) 

Genesis 18 will reveal the depth of Abraham’s relationship with God. Despite many obstacles, God’s promises will be fulfilled! We are introduced to a discussion of the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and see how Abraham interceded for the people. However, in Genesis 19 we read that Abraham was only successful in helping save his nephew and his daughters. God protects Abraham again in Genesis 20 and the account of the birth of Isaac is recorded in Genesis 21. God gives Abraham’s faith a great test in Genesis 22

Although we might be in awe of how Abraham passed the testing of his faith, we need not loose sight of the fact that his faith had grown over a long period of time. Look at your own faith development. What temptations can you resist today that you could not in years past or when you first became a Christian? How is God working through His word and providence to strengthen your faith? Children may have difficulty understanding the sacrifice of Isaac. Help them see Abraham believed God would have raised his son from the dead even if he’d killed him (Heb 12:17-19). However, it was not God’s intention to have Isaac killed, but rather to present a means for Abraham to show his faith. Children should learn that sometimes obeying God means we may have to do difficult things. 

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