Just Christians

Just Christians

f you ask us, “What kind of Christians?” we will answer, “We are just Christians.” We have no creed, fashioned by men, to unite us. There is no governing body or headquarters to which we answer. We are simply Christians.

We wear the name of Christ because it is Christ that we serve. We seek to follow His word, the Bible, as the only authority for our doctrine and practice. The Bible only we have found makes Christians only. So naturally we are not some brand of Christian. We are just Christians.

We are saddened by what has happened in the religious world as a result of the creeds that men have adopted and the councils they have formed. Many of us were once a part of a denomination, the product of religious creeds and councils. But we have left that all behind and decided to get back to the Bible. The creeds that men have written divide people. The councils that men have organized do the same. The Bible however unites people. Surely God who created man and his mind can write a book that men can understand alike. Don’t you think He can? We believe He has done just that in the Bible.

Now you may have heard, like we often have, that “you can prove anything with the Bible.” But before you decide that the idea of understanding the Bible alike is an impossible task, be honest. Have you really read the Bible to know for yourself whether or not we can be united on its contents?

So give us a chance. Sit down and study the Bible with us. We’re just ordinary folks who want to go to heaven. We won’t pressure you. We won’t use any embarrassing tactics. We just want to share with you the good news of what God has done for us and how you too can be just a Christian!