About Kingsridge

About Kings Ridge

t Kings Ridge we provide Bible classes for all ages. On Sunday morning, our classes meet at 10:00 AM between our two worship assemblies. On Wednesday evenings our classes are followed by a brief assembly in the auditorium, which will include singing, prayer and a short lesson from the Bible.

Our worship assemblies on the Lord’s Day include the singing of spiritual songs, congregational prayers, the serving of the Lord’s Supper to all Christians, study from God’s word, and a collection for the work of the church at Kings Ridge. Since we consider the collection to be a responsibility of our members, our visitors should feel no obligation to contribute anything other than their attention.

You may also notice the spiritual focus of our services. We assemble as a church to build up the inner man, not to entertain. We don’t offer you a calendar of social activities as we leave hospitality and recreation to the home, not the church. Our services are designed for spiritual edification and enlightenment rather than entertainment. We’re here for the primary purpose of helping men get to heaven. If we can help you and your family in that endeavor, we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you.