Marital Success

Myths That Destroy Marriage

Almost half of all marriages, that begin with flowers, rings, and promises to be together for life, at some point will end in a courtroom with lawyers, paperwork, and bitterness. In this this lesson, David Banning exposes Satan's lies for what they are - myths that destroy marriage.

Marriage and Divorce

People have always wrestled with questions about marriage and divorce, even in Jesus' day (Matthew 19). While opinions on the subject may vary, the only question that really matters is, what does Jesus say about it? In this lesson, David Banning shows what Christ demands when a man and women enter into the sacred bond of marriage.

Q&A Session On Marriage and Divorce

While there once was a time when most people agreed on matters such as marriage and divorce, it is not so today. The question for us is what does Jesus say about the subject? Max Dawson and David Banning hold a question and answer session on the most common issues with marriage and divorce.

Marriage and Morality

The statistics don’t lie. It is a fact that more and more people are living together without the benefit of marriage. While there are a lot of sociological reasons for avoiding co-habitation, in this lesson Max Dawson focuses on the biblical and moral reason for avoiding such an arrangement.

Marriage and My First Love

If you were asked to describe your marriage, you would say what? “My spouse and I have a good marriage.” While many couples might say that, that doesn’t tell us much. Some folks might say that and still have a marriage that is less than ideal. What about the personal, close-knit nature of your relationship? Some folks don’t really have that kind of relationshipthough they may claim a good marriage. In this lesson, Max Dawson answers the question: What is a good marriage? What did God intend? There is a unique parallel between having a good marriage and something even more important.

Wanted: A Real Man

We have lost them in our generation. No, not every one, but the American family has lost most of them. There are fewer and fewer real men—real husbands and fathers—in America. Not only have we lost them, a lot of Americans would no longer recognize them if they saw one. In this lesson, Max Dawson suggest that America needs to look for a man that looks like Jesus. We can learn something about real manhood, even about the man in the family, by studying about Jesus Christ. Here is what a real man looks like. He looks like Jesus.