Families Built To Last

Leading Little Hearts To Worship

We often see children not interested in the worship service. They hate sitting still, being quite, and paying attention. It is a huge challenge for parents to get their children engaged in worship. In this lesson, Mark Roberts provides real ideas on how to get your children engaged in worship.

Teaching Children Obedience

If someone were to ask you what the most important skill your child needs to learn, what would you say? Obedience and loyalty to God are the most important skills a child needs to learn in life, yet so many parents fail in teaching them. Mark Roberts shares how to instill these skills in the hearts of our children.

Why Can't We Help Each Other Parent?

Parenting can be hard and sometimes we need to realize we just don't know it all. We ask for advice on different matters all the time. Why do we have such a hard time taking advice and help when it comes to parenting our children? Mark Roberts shares the God-given blessings we have in each other in the area of parenting.


With Her:  Adam's Failure

When we study the fall of man in the garden, we often focus on what Eve did in allowing herself to be deceived by the serpent and leading her husband to eat of the forbidden fruit.  But if we examine Genesis 3 more closely, what we will realize is Adam actually failed his wife.  Mark Roberts examines Adam's failure to lead and what husbands today must do in order to avoid the same mistake.

The Scourge of Pornography

Pornography is destroying our society.  More and more men are drawn in with the temptation to lust for a fake world to the point where the real world means nothing to them.  With pornography, marriages are ruined and families are destroyed.  In this powerful lesson, Mark Roberts identifies this scourge for what it is and reveals what men must do to avoid it.

Am I Spoiling My Kids?

If you were to compare the family life in other countries to that which is here, what do you think you would find?  In America, our kids are incredible privileged with material blessings.  In fact, our children have come to think that the world revolves around them.  In this lesson, Mark Roberts teaches how to instill in our children thankfulness, humility and servitude.