Gospel Meetings

David is a native of Houston, Texas. He has worked as an evangelist with churches in Huntsville, Texas, Joliet, Illinois, Orlando, Florida and Beaumont, Texas. After completing nine years of work with the Dowlen Road Church in Beaumont as an evangelist and elder, David moved to Birmingham to work with the Vestavia Church in September, 2012.

After graduating from Klein Forest High School in Houston, David continued his education at Florida College, the University of Houston and Sam Houston State University.

In addition to his work as an evangelist, David conducts special studies for teenagers and teacher training seminars for those who work with teens. He is the author of the Get Them Talking workbooks, a series of 28 lesson books for teen Bible classes (see teen workbook website).

David lives in Vestavia Hills with his wife, Heidi. They have two grown sons, Todd and Jonathan, both aspiring evangelists, who live in Texas.

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